Anti-Rape Apps

Only in America could they come up with an anti-Rape app for your phone, and there are quite a few to choose from. How an app is going to save you from being raped, over programming a triple 0 call with the press of one button, I am not sure, but here is some information on the latest apps of this kind. The Circle of Six app is based on connecting you to six friends who will be ever vigilantly on alert for you and come to your aid when required. Designed to help protect college students in the US against date rape, it was the winner of a design award for Apps Against Abuse put up by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Circle of Six provides three different types of alert to be sent out to your nominated six rescuers. The first shows a car icon and messages your white knights (not a phrase you would readily utilise in the US) to come and pick you up, and it provides a GPS location. The effectiveness of this would be determined by your commitment to never use this excepting for the desired anti-rape purpose, and not to accidentally touch this icon by mistake; one thinks of the little boy who cried wolf too often. The second alert symbolised by a phone icon messages your 6 friends to call you, giving you an excuse to not get raped, because you just have to take this calls or half dozen calls. The third alert icon looks like a conversation bubble and sends a text message to all six guardians saying, “I’m looking up information about healthy relationships and respect. Just letting you know.” The subtlety of this tactic is predicated on a fairly benign threat, I would imagine, and you would not want to overuse this, as some reviewers have stated, because you might be looking for six new friends pretty quickly.

Moving the focus of this article outside of university campuses and into the parlours of escorts and working girls, who may be confronted with an unwanted client, violent or refusing to pay in advance, what could an app do to help? Guardly another app recently reviewed offers a 10 second countdown before contacting all of your emergency contacts via text, email and phone calls; until you disable it. As with the previous app it is dependent upon the supporting audience you have ready to come to your aid. A sex worker, may have a boyfriend, driver, or network of working girls able to get emergency police help to you in time. The chance of misusing this app is also high and this would have a disastrous affect on a sex worker, and her innocent client, if the police burst in unexpectedly with guns at the ready.

bSafe has been reviewed as the best in the anti-rape app category, as it also automatically starts recording sound and video. This feature may be useful when it comes to proving and prosecuting rape by providing evidence. It also can set off a siren, send emergency calls and text messages, and shows your GPS location and time stamp. These apps may not be able to save a sex worker from rape but bSafe may help convict a rapist.

PC Guide

Does the trade name of various part of a computer system, such as RAM, cpu, afraid you off?

In this short article, we will certainly be covering a lot of the equipment in despite the kind dimension (bodily dimension of the computer system case).

Necessary Computer includes.




Disk drive

Graphic Card

Power Supply/ Covering

Key-board/ Computer mouse


DVD writer

Mainboard (motherboard).

This is the greatest item of equipment in the system. This is where numerous other vital elements hook up into it, such as CPU, Ram, Disk drive, etc, to it. Modern mid-range mainboard generally features add-on element such LAN port, sound card and also graphics card.

As various other equipment links to the mainboard, it is essential to make sure that the mainboard bought is of high quality as well as contends the very least the add-on element as mentioned in the paragraph over.

Central Processing Unit(CPU).

This is just one of the hardware that figures out the rate of the entire system. The various other identifying equipment are the RAM as well as Disk drive. Solitary Core CPUs are virtually outdated and also are much slower compared with their Twin Core/ Quad Core equivalents.

Generally a numerical number is specified which is the clock regularity, typically referred to as the rate of the CPU. Normally the greater the clock regularity, the much faster your information could be refined.


Referred to as Random Access Memory, are memory chips where information are momentary saved. By saving the information on RAMs, the CPU has the ability to refine the information in a much shorter duration which leads quicker implementation of the directions as well as jobs designated to the computer system.

Generally a numerical number (in Gb) is explained which is the bodily dimension of information the RAM has the ability to shop.

Disk Hard Drive

This computer maintains all information completely, unlike the RAM which will certainly get rid of information if the computer system is closed down. Is available in dimensions of 2.5″ (for laptop computer) as well as 3.5″ (for Desktop computer).

Generally a numerical number (in Gb) is specified and also is available in numerous ability. A harsh estimation Thinking a 4 minutes lengthy songs track is saved in mp3 style and also uses up 4mb well worth of room in the hard drive. 160Gb will certainly have the ability to keep around 40,000 tracks!

Graphic Card

As specified, this card is originally in charge of showing pictures into the screen. Due to the high leaving first-person-shooter video games being generated, players will certainly require their graphics card to be far better compared to the CPU. This is because of that the image card will certainly take care of all exhausting video gaming photos which the CPU was not able to procedure. To meet the needs, also graphics cards are going twin core!

Power Supply Unit(PSU).

The life of the computer system! This computer sends out power to numerous gadgets, such as the mainboard, disk drive, and so on

This is frequently one of the most ignored equipment and also is often jeopardized as a result of budget plan restrictions. By reducing down on acquiring an excellent PSU, dangers such as electrical shock and also under-current could takes place which can promptly ruin the mainboard and also various other equipment by supplying the incorrect present or voltage!!

Computer Casing

Computer system situation is the difficult shield to safeguard the devoted numerous computer.

Covering are very important as they aerate and also control air circulation to avoid getting too hot of the crucial hardware.

Optical Drives

Generally called CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM or DVD Writers, this permits book of numerous CDs/DVDs. ROM equipment are just able to check out from CD/ DVD, while DVD Writers allows writing (copying of information) to the discs.

The most recent innovation for Optical Drive is presently Blu-Ray ROM will certainly enables book of Blu-ray disc. As a result of the high expense, it is not extensively consisted of in systems.

Screen or Monitor

Is an aesthetic screen device that reveals pictures produced by the visuals card. CRT keeps track of that are functioning today are utilizing older modern technology which takes in even more power. Mainstream display made are now mainly LCD because of their sleek dimension as well as less costly price to make.

LCD displays been available in different dimensions, varying from a minimum of 15″ to approximately 70″!

Key-board & Mouse

Is the equipment to input information as well as regulates right into the computer system.

I really hope that the above computer system quick guide will certainly aid you in having a more understanding of computer.

This is one of the computer system equipment that identifies the rate of the entire system. The various other identifying equipment are the RAM as well as Hard Disk Drive. The life of the computer system! This computer system equipment sends out power to different gadgets, such as the mainboard, tough disk drives, and so on

By reducing down on acquiring an excellent PSU, dangers such as electrical shock and also under-current might happens which might immediately ruin the mainboard and also various other equipment by supplying the incorrect present or voltage…