12 Advances in Office Technology

The whole business process is ever changing at a constant rate. The technologies that we are using for today can become outclassed and irrelevant in the years to come. With that being said the advances in office technology of this time is quite of an abundance allowing for a much more seamless and fast the work process has become. Technological advancements such as sharepoint become sought after by several companies today. Without looking very far ahead in what the future can bring to us with regards to office technology, let us examine 12 advances in office technology that we are experiencing the in the present.

  1. Office Intranets

First and foremost are the office intranets. This technological advancement in office technology allows employees to make use of several programs such as Teamworker, Google Docs or Sharepoint to share and modify inputs. This works quite well with large companies who have a considerable amount of workers

  1. Web Pages

Most of the companies found today have their respective web pages. It is ideal to have these setup and working as your customers can easily visit them right from the get go making it easy for them to learn more about the said company.

  1. Web E-mail

Similar to office intranets, web e-mail allows for a steady means of communication not only to employees but as well as to their clients and customers.

  1. Electronic Calendars

Calendars often take up space and purchasing one for each and every one of your employees can be costly. This is not the case with electronic calendars however, as computers can have these preinstalled and modified to add meetings and other event notifications.

  1. Voice Mail

They may seem like a natural and common feature found in several office but voice mails have indeed come quite a long way in providing the much needed advancements. This is quite apparent especially since web emails today can include several voice mail features.

  1. Portable PCs

Companies are not bound to office computers any longer through the emergence of portable PCs bringing work wherever one may take them.

  1. Video Conferencing

Communication is vital in business and teleconferencing allows exchange of information by several parties both in real time without any delays.

  1. Electronic Whiteboard

Electronic whiteboards are quite innovative and ahead of its time as it displays and magnifies images clearly and colorfully. It also provides an interactive approach with its touch-sensitive screen feature.

  1. Portable File Storage

Files can now be brought at any given time without worrying too much about carrying their size.

  1. Cloud Storage

Alternatively, files can be saved online through cloud storage which adds to that extra layer of convenience for companies today.

  1. Voice and Speech recognition

Modern technology encourages its users to be more vocal and this can be seen with voice and speech recognition. Looking up information can be done through voice

  1. Wireless Technologies

This can be seen from wireless keyboards, mouse and even monitors saving a good amount of space.